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Instructions for finding firearms on our website.

There are 3 areas on our website to SHOP for firearms.
1. Check our gun list first. It is updated daily and shows firearms that are New, Used and appropriate for Cowboy Action Shooting. It will show a brief description and price but no pictures.
2. Gun Genie is another method and it will show only firearms from Davidsons. They have a large inventory which includes a lot of exclusive Rugers. Davidsons is located in Prescott, Arizona and any firearm ordered by 3:00 PM EST will arrive next day at Encks Gun Barn. A deposit is required by Davidsons when you order.
3. Shop on Line. Firearms, optics and accessories are available from 3 or more of the countrys largest distributors. All products will ship to Encks Gun Barn. Firearms not picked up at the shop will be shipped to another FFL.

Prices may vary as well as availability and methods of payment. Follow instructions on each particular store.