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PA Gun Shop

Enck’s Gun Barn is owned and operated by Bob and Fran Enck. Enck’s Gun Barn is located east of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, just off of 422. We have been in operation for 17 years and carry a wide selection of handguns, long guns, scopes, ammunition, books, reloading equipment and COWBOY STUFF. The shooting sportsman can find what he is looking for with our large selection of rifles, shotguns and handguns. Our on-line relationship with several large distributors gives us the ability to find what you want if we don’t stock it. (Any special orders are taken with a deposit.) All sales comply with all state and federal laws. Although we carry a vast inventory of all types of firearms and ammunition, we specialize in Reloading and Cowboy Action Shooting. Our firearms for Cowboy Action includes US Firearms, Rugers, Cimarron, Taylors, Uberti, Marlin, Stoeger, TTN, Norinco, Sharps, Armi Sport, Pedersoli, EMF and Long Hunter. We also have the NEW Pioneer Arms Shotgun. For the other shooting sports, we have a selection of Glock, STI, Auto Ordinance, Kahr, Springfield, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, Bushmaster, Keltec, DPMS, Double Star, Century, and Les Baer.

Bob has been reloading for 35 years and his knowledge, coupled with the vast inventory in the shop, assure the customers that they are able to meet their metallic cartridge reloading needs. Bob (alias Barnmaster #11943) is an active shooter at the cowboy shoots and knows the sport very well. He is a lifetime member of the Single Action Shooting Society. Enck’s Gun Barn, PA Gun Shop, is a SASS supporting gun store, dealer #30.

Encks Gun Barn is also the place to go for learning the safe and proper way to handle your handgun. We are now holding Beginners Handgun classes. Whether you are an experienced sportsman but haven’t done much with a handgun or you are just starting in the sport, this is the class for you. It is held when the time suits you and is a one on one class so that it fits your needs.

Our Firearms Policy

We ship and receive firearms bought and sold on the Internet that complies with all State and Federal Laws. We reserve the right to say “no” to any transaction that we do not feel comfortable with. All shipments of Firearms must be made to an FFL licensed dealer and guns received must include a copy of an FFL. When purchasing at our shop you are required to have a Pennsylvania Drivers License or Penn Dot ID for all handguns and long guns for Pa. Residents. Out of state long gun sales at the shop require a Drivers License and state firearms ID if issued by your state.